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Logging Into TMS

When you open the TMS application, you are shown the TMS Login screen.


  1. Enter your TMS User Name. (If you don't know this, contact your TMS system administrator.)
  2. Enter your TMS login Password.
  3. (Optional) If it is available, select a Domain from the dropdown. (See the About Active Directory section below for more info on this field.)
  4. (Optional) If you want TMS to remember your user name and password for future logins, check Remember Me.


  1. If a Server and Database aren't already filled in for you, expand the section below the Login button.
  2. Enter the TMS Server Name to access.
  3. Enter the TMS Database to use, or select one from the dropdown.
  4. Click Login.

About Active Directory

Your TMS system administrator should provide you with a hyperlink to TMS. If your organization uses Active Directory, you have the option of selecting a Domain name during the login process.


Note: The Domain dropdown contains a blank row to allow users who are not linked to an Active Directory to log in.

About the Prompt for User Group Option

After you click Login, if the Prompt for User Group option is enabled, you may see a Choose Group popup. You will not see this popup if this option isn't enabled or if you don't belong to more than one user group. To continue, select the user group you want to log in with and click OK.




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